Jdm Spec

I brought my self a 1989 180sx in august 2009,  it wasn’t the flashest but its still a 180sx,

When I got it it was a ca18det, with a t28, maunal (converted), gtir converted front mount, cusco coilovers, and drift tecs,  the engine had 98000ks on it from a fresh import, body had done 187000ks,

I found the suspension wasn’t the best

I invested in some KTS SC adjustables,

$800 and only done 2000ks

Then came the over heating issues, hose after hose blew and the top tank blew, next investment would kill all of this!

Then it all became MINT, was running sweet!

For Xmas the rents were nice, got me a set of camber arms.

I put my camber arms in, got some new wheels, and removed some dents.

New Camber

i fixed a whole lot of dents along the boot and bonet as per the crap spray paint on the corner (didnt have before pics)
time for new paint (15 apr 2010)
i also attacked the gaurd with a slide hammer, only to let the 10s fit with wider feet/less stretch..
if you compare this with the new camber pic.

was tempted to swap my 2k for a satin clear and leave it like this..

but i didnt have the balls..

Thanks to Patrick May for the workshop, the help and spraying the car,

SOLD IT, Project Over! Never Buy A CA


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